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“Overall the client was very satisfied. They originally planned to last 2.5 months installing concrete piles and in the end only needed 15 days. Thanks to this system of piles, we saved a lot of time and money for the clients. All this with a safe design, that was approved and verified on-site with a load test.”Horizontal-Line-Yellow

William Gamboa, Structural Engineer for the Archivo Nacional in Zapote, San José, Costa Rica project



“This product was successful due to the fact that they had a very short window of time. We were able to get in and out in less than one week. Also, and this may have been the most important issue, they needed the system to be installed with only a maximum clearance of 6” from the outside of the existing building and we were able to accomplish that.”Horizontal-Line-Yellow

Kevin Lakey, Senior Field Consultant with Kansas City Master Companies, Market Lofts Shoring project



“(The density) was enough to almost max out the SS225 material which is why we had to go with the larger material to get through that layer and the soft layer below, reaching the 75 ft. depth. There wouldn’t have been another way to penetrate that dense layer.”Horizontal-Line-Yellow

Mason Frascona, with Mason Grady Foundations, YMCA Pool projectSquare-Shaft-Products-Button